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It's a game that challenges humanity
Exploring the themes of adventure and greed
It can be seen as a fable that mirrors the inherent human
traits within the crypto world


What is the Greedy World?

The shell of Greedy World is a Snake game, which at its heart is a tool to help the tokens flow.
You’ll control a snake in the game, attack your opponent and snatch his tokens.
You must find the black hole and leave with your loot as soon as possible, or you will be targeted by another greedy villain.
It’s as simple as that!

What is PlayFi+?

PlayFi+ is a blockchain purist, inheriting the principles of collaborative encryption ecosystems.
All crypto tokens in circulation within the game come from the market, which can garner more community support.
You can enter or exit at any time without worrying about asset devaluation, effectively protecting the interests of small investors.
Yes, Play+ is indeed pursuing a path towards a healthier and more compliant development.

2024’ Token Battle Royale GameFi Grand Prix

Competition Guide | Start Game | How to Play


It’s time to rethink the relationship between gaming and crypto tokens

Perhaps you've already noticed that there are too many tokens!
In fact, the crypto world is not lacking in tokens; what it lacks are methods to consume tokens.

PlayFi+ PlayFi+ PlayFi+


GreedyWorld returns to the most primal rules of the game

Eliminate your opponents and take their money.

Winnings go directly into your crypto wallet.

Game items, levels, and skins are completely unimportant.

And as for the economic model, ROI, and those head-spinning mathematical equations – they can all just go straight to hell.


Adventure Space

Battle Royale rules, multiplayer online, unlimited hunting.
Rich billing options, support USDT, USDC, DAI, MATIC and other tokens, WYSIWYG, no need to exchange.

Competition Space

Create your community and recruit members, then lead your team into TVT tournaments.
Win honor and prizes through seamless teamwork.
Players from the same community are not harmed in collisions.


Token Partnership Plan

As you know, liquidity is the basis of token value. We will help our partners to increase the liquidity of their tokens through rich game rules, so that the tokens circulating at GW will increase in value over the long term.
GW encourages token diversity. To support multiple blockchain ecosystems, we have established an open token partnership model that allows Games Council-certified tokens to circulate as game assets in battles.



Blue halos
to increase the length of your body.



Yellow halos
to speed up the speed of movement.



Red halos
to expand the collection range.





Game Points
The GWC is the game's native point, not a crypto token, cannot be connected to the blockchain, and holding GWC can only enter the normal game space.
GWC can serve as entry tickets for competitions or be utilized in community governance.
The project team will periodically buyback GWC from players.



Crypto Tokens
This game supports a wide range of crypto tokens including USDT, USDC, DAI, MATIC and you can carry crypto tokens of equal value into the more exciting crypto space.
Crypto tokens can be withdrawn and you can transfer it to your crypto wallet when the game is over.



What is a Black Hole

Black holes randomly appear on the map, and they can help you pass the level.
Only by entering the Black Hole can you obtain the reward settlement sheet. Otherwise the tokens you collect in battle will not be credited to your account.

What is Battle Royale

Players attack each other and rob each other of tokens, you are the hunter and the prey.
There are deadly dangers at the map boundaries that must not be touched.
Survival range will gradually shrink as time goes by.

Inheritance Tax

If a player gets killed in the game, a 4% inheritance tax will be levied on the tokens you inherit from the system.
This revenue is used for product optimization, covering operational expenses, and incentivizing the community, as well as buyback game points (GWC) from players.


Reseller Network

Reseller help Greedy World promote the game and share in its revenue.

After joining the network, you will be given a reseller number to view a statement of earnings under your name.

Settlement Rule:

Settlement with reseller is based on the type of tokens consumed by the player in the adventure space.

Settlement method:

Adventure space * 4% * 50%

Settlement time:

Once a week

Joining conditions:

    • You are the community founder
    • Community size >500 members
    • Community activity index >20
    • Hold 1 million game tokens
Match Time Ranking
MID Players prize Winning
M203252A07 -- 50 USDT Soon >>>>
M203252A06 65 50 USDT Nemo House
M203252A05 92 50 USDT Burning Chariot
M203252A04 77 50 USDT Assassin League
M203252A03 72 50 USDT Bangkok Crazy
1 Limsrun#007a2ae
Lv16   Kill 265
2 bugged#hk322
Lv15   Kill 199
3 HarryKM#55n4
Lv15   Kill 165
4 Hawk2020#cap903
Lv15   Kill 150
5 cryptobill#72
Lv14   Kill 132


TOP Community    
Community name
Crocodile Gang
Community ID NJ65003
Community Level 9
Number of members 157
Number of matches 29
Founder Big Jerry
Community name
Barbarous city
Community ID AM22506
Community Level 9
Number of members 102
Number of matches 22
Founder vegetable
Community name
Community ID CN90773
Community Level 8
Number of members 94
Number of matches 17
Founder Martian toys


Road Map


Core Member
Akino Hitomi Santos Yuuka
Phuoc Tran Benjamin Bera






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